Holland Duty Free BV is proud to announce we are the  duty free distributor for baby, toddler & kids lifestyle/leisure apparel products of the world’s most legendary football player Lionel MESSI.
We strive to introduce brands that apart of being exclusive have a wide spectrum of interest in the duty free world, is attractive to a wide audience and is just “something else than the rest”.

Messi on social media

Did you know that Messi has the 2nd most followers on Instagram?
429 million followers and 185 billion hashtag views proof Messi’s global popularity and influence, he is be loved from young to old by all genders.

Messi collection

Below you'll see a small portion of our complete Messi collection.
Our Messi collections will attract a lot of new customers to your business and help you generate new turnover and boost your retail sales.
Please see our Collection Messi in attachment! High quality and very competitive prices –please ask for a pricelist based on your qty and conditions now!
We give you the opportunity to purchase this exclusive collection. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by…