Clöudz offers a range of travel comfort accessories.
Clöudz offers a range of travel comfort accessories like neck pillows in all colors and shapes for adults and children and other accessories that make your travel comfortable.
Only pillows on a pole or the whole range in a plug & play display, anything is possible to adjust to your space. Further, we can offer kids licensed travel activities.
Clöudz comfort products (including pillows, blankets, footwear, shawls, and seat belt covers) are irresistibly soft and cozy, offering the perfect blend of support and relaxation. Perfect for use at home or when on-the-go. Our travel accessories products (locks, totes, luggage, ID tags, luggage identifiers and straps, compact umbrellas, RFID blocking wallets, and adapters) have been designed from the ground up for the discriminating traveler, and are frequently traveler-tested and approved. 
Patents are pending for many of our design features. Ideas for new Clöudz products are pooled from a collective wealth of market research; but perhaps most importantly, we listen to our customers.